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Jilin PetroChina Tank Truck Storage Tank and Pipeline Insulation Electric Trace Heating Project

Project Name: Jilin PetroChina Tank Truck Storage Tank and Pipeline Insulation Electric Trace Heating Project

Products: Safety Voltage Self-Limiting Temperature Trace Cable

     Jilin PetroChina tank truck storage tanks and pipelines are too cold in winter, resulting in oil freezing in the storage tanks and pipelines. It is necessary to perform antifreeze and heat preservation treatment on the pipelines and storage tanks to ensure that the oil can be transported normally in the low temperature environment in winter. According to the specific requirements of the project, the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable with safe voltage is selected.
      The electric heating cable is spirally wound along the tank body or laid in a U-shape up and down, and the use of aluminum foil tape to fix the electric heating cable can increase the heat dissipation surface and facilitate heat conduction. After installation, carry out insulation test, and then wrap the thermal insulation cotton on the outside of the electric heating cable to use.
      The self-limiting electric heating cable can automatically limit the heating temperature, and automatically adjust the output power according to the temperature of the traced body, without the need for a temperature controller, and can be cut arbitrarily or extended within a certain length range, and multiple crossings are allowed during installation. Overlapping, will not produce high temperature overheating and burn.
      The self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is a new generation of constant temperature electric heating products. It has the advantages of uniform temperature, safety and reliability, low installation and operating costs, easy maintenance, energy saving, and quick heating and startup. It is widely used in oil pipelines, fire pipelines, chemical Antifreeze and thermal insulation and process temperature maintenance of pipelines, natural gas pipelines and various tank containers.