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Hunan plant roof cooling tower pipeline antifreeze electric heat tracing project

Project Name: Hunan plant roof cooling tower pipeline antifreeze electric heat tracing project

Products: Self-limiting temperature electric heating cable

    The cooling tower uses water as the circulating coolant. Most of the cooling towers are driven by water turbines and most of them are external turbines. Generally, the water quality in the cooling tower will be released in winter to prevent freezing, but some need to work in winter, considering the production requirements. , it is necessary to use electric heating cable for antifreeze and heat preservation. A low-temperature reinforced self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is used for the antifreeze protection of the roof cooling tower of a factory in Hunan. 
     The temperature range of the low temperature reinforced self-limiting electric heating cable is 0-65 ℃. It can automatically adjust the output power with the temperature change of the cooling tower, and the temperature is uniform, and it will not be overheated and burned. It is safe and reliable, saves electricity, and is easy to maintain. , is an ideal choice to solve the needs of pipeline antifreeze and heat preservation.
     Self-limiting electric heat tracing cables are often used for heat tracing and heat preservation of pipes, equipment and containers, especially when the materials in them are easily decomposed, deteriorated, crystallized, agglomerated and frozen. It has a wide range of uses in the production, processing and other fields of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, refrigeration, construction, gas, agricultural and sideline products.