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Desulfurization ash bucket electric heat tracing system of Jilin Meihekou Power Plant

Project Name: Desulfurization ash bucket electric heat tracing system of Jilin Meihekou Power Plant

Products: Constant power electric heating cable

      In order to protect the environment and reduce the emission and harm of sulfur, the flue gas desulfurization technology of power plants is receiving widespread attention. In order to prevent the fly ash from cooling and condensing on the wall of the ash hopper, Jilin Meihekou Power Plant adopts an electric heat tracing system to prevent the solidification, compression or agglomeration of dust from causing blockage. The ash hopper electric heat tracing system preheats the ash hopper to allow moisture to evaporate and maintain the temperature of the ash hopper and fly ash above the dew point.
      According to the electric heat tracing model used in the ash hopper of the power plant, the series constant power electric tracing cable cannot be cut and needs to be customized for fixed length. It is composed of conductor core, busbar insulation layer, inner sheath insulation layer, copper wire or aluminum-magnesium alloy wire shielding layer, and strengthening sheath layer. It is suitable for the circumstance that the length of the loop exceeds the upper limit of the parallel constant power electric heating cable, and the length of the loop of a single power supply point can reach several kilometers.
      The series constant power electric heating cable is different from other electric heating cables, and can be used for thermal insulation of large pipes, tanks and equipment. Such as: oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, chemical tanks, etc. It cannot be superimposed and wound, so it is generally laid by multiple parallel laying methods. This method is relatively simple to install, and where the two ends are laid, a temperature control box can be placed for centralized temperature control.