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Electric heating cable can easily solve the problem of freezing and blocking of sewage pipes

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Update time : 2022-01-24 13:08:16
      When winter comes, due to the relatively low temperature, the sewage pipeline is prone to freezing and blocking. Electric heating cables need to be used to prevent freezing and heat preservation of the pipeline. Electric heating cable is a new type of thermal insulation product, which can effectively convert electrical energy into thermal energy to compensate for the heating of the medium. Uniformity and long service life.
       The use of electric heating cable is one of the more effective methods at present, and the requirements for antifreeze and heat preservation of the sewage pipeline are also very simple. It only needs to keep the medium in the pipeline from freezing, so it can be adjusted according to the length of the pipeline and To maintain the temperature choose which type of electric heating cable to use.
       For pipelines with long sewage pipelines, it is recommended to use constant-power electric heating cables. The power of constant-power electric heating cables is constant. The length of the series series constant-power electric heating cables can reach several kilometers, which is very suitable for pipeline anti-freezing. long area. For pipes with a short length of sewage pipes, it is more appropriate to use self-limiting electric heating cables.
       Whether it is a self-limiting temperature electric heating cable or a constant power electric heating cable, it has good flexibility and is flat, which can be closely attached to the surface of the pipe, and the heating effect is better. At the same time, considering the corrosiveness of sewage and the complexity of the outdoor environment, the selection of anti-corrosion and explosion-proof type heating cables is more in line with the heating needs.